Winter tire change in Midland, Ontario

Winter tire change in Midland, Ontario

Winter Tire Change at Midland Chrysler

At Midland Chrysler, we offer numerous automotive services to support our client's varying needs during the winter months. Even though our Parts Centre has all of the parts and accessories you might need during winter, the Service Centre is where you will need to go to have your vehicle winter-ready. Visit us today and let us provide you with the best services to make your vehicle ownership experience as straightforward as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Tire Services Offered at Midland Chrysler?

At Midland Chrysler, We offer several services, including tire rotation, tire change, oil change and more. Our trained technicians perform all services to ensure quality service.
We offer complete winter tire service, perform tire alignments, rotational tire inspections and replace all four tires with new ones. We're happy to help you prepare for winter with our large selection of winter and all-season tires available through our parts centre. Contact us today to book your winter tire service appointment.

Why Do You Need to Change Your Winter Tires?

When your Winter tires start to lose traction on slippery roads, it is a good indicator that it is time to replace your tires. Winter tires are essential during the winter months because roads become wet and icy, creating accidents.

When Do you Need to Change Your Winter Tires in Canada?

There are no set dates, but it's a good idea to change your winter tires in the fall when the temperature starts to drop to seven degrees.

Is it Necessary to Change Winter Tires?

Yes, winter tires have different treads than all-season or summer tires. Winter tires include grooves in the tire to help you keep traction while driving on ice or wet roads. Winter tires help to prevent hydroplaning during cold, damp winter months.

Are Winter Tires Necessary in Toronto, Ontario?

Winter tires are not necessary for Toronto, Ontario, during the summer months but are essential for safety when the temperature drops. Depending on your region, having winter tires is the law. However, in Ontario, you don't have to equip winter tires legally, but insurance companies might ask you if your vehicle has them equipped and offer you discounts.

Do Having winter tires make a difference?

Yes, winter tires are designed to operate in a cold climate and over snowy and icy roads. Vehicles without winter tires will have limited traction, which will result in less confidence behind the wheel.

Why are winter tires a good idea?

Having winter tires on during the winter season is a good idea because it provides safety and proper traction, allowing you to avoid mishaps on snowy roads.

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